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Year of the Biting Fly


It’s predicted to be one of the warmest summers yet again. Although this sounds like good news for many, particularly after the cold winter we’ve just had, the warm weather has also proved to be ideal for some members of the insect world. An article by the Telegraph reveals it’s going to be another "year of the biting fly", with horseflies and mosquitoes benefiting from the warm, wet summer…

For those who have an aversion to creepy crawlies – this could be an absolute nightmare. Having enjoyed the absence of bugs throughout winter, the last thing you want to do when summer approaches is to worry about them coming into your house when you’re trying to enjoy the warm weather and keep your home cool.

Looking for a solution to stop pests coming in can be a somewhat daunting task with a wide range of methods available. If however, you do find yourself in fear of opening the windows and doors due to uninvited guests, then DIY fly screens could be the answer you’re looking for.

All of our fly screens are cut to size according to the measurements you provide to us so when your fly screens arrive you can simply click them together and stick them on. Unlike fly curtains that flap about in the breeze, the affordable fly screen mesh is held firmly in place to form a complete seal so no insects can sneak in around the edges, giving you superior protection.

Simply stick the screen onto your existing window frame in a matter of minutes. It then acts like a roller blind to cover the opening when the window is open, letting fresh air in and keeping insects out.

DIY fly screens are made from quality white uPVC to match your existing window or door frames so you’ll barely notice they’re there. The ultra-fine mesh won’t block your view when in use and retracts into the discreet housing when not needed.

Having fitted a DIY fly screen, you are guaranteed to enjoy summer fully from the comfort of your own home by letting fresh air inside while keeping the bugs out. So even if it’s predicted to be the “year of the biting fly” you are fully covered from all the creepy crawlies. If you don’t have a fly screen yet, then now is a great time to invest.

See our product page for more details.

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