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Do I need to be a DIY expert to fit these fly screens?
DIY fly screens are designed to be simple to measure and fit. Just follow our simple six-step guide to get the measurements of your fly screen and then we'll send you a ready made fly screen. Once it arrives, all you have to do is click the four sides together and stick the fly screen onto your existing window or door frame. 

Can it be used outdoors?
DIY fly screens can be fitted inside or outside depending on whether your window/door opens inwards or outwards. If your window/door opens outwards the fly screen will need to be fitted on the inside. If your window/door opens inwards the fly screen will need to be fitted to the outside.

Will the frame weather?
DIY fly screens are made from durable plastic which will resist harsh weather conditions to ensure your fly screens look their best all year round.

Will the mesh weather?
Unlike a hinged fly screen, DIY retractable fly screens retract into their housing when not in use so the mesh is protected from weather damage. 

What if I have less than 10mm of frame on which to stick my fly screen? 
Please email our parent company Phantom Screens. They will be able to advise you on possible solutions or alternative products.

What if I have enough frame on which to stick my fly screen but there is something in the way? 
If there is an object like a vent or skirting board which prevents you from sticking the fly screen to the frame, you have two options. The first is to remove the object (e.g. cut the skirting board back to make room). Alternatively, if you have 10mm or more of frame on the inside of the obstruction, you can stick the fly screen onto this. It will mean the fly screen will overlap the opening a little but the fly screen will still function as it should.

What if my window/door is not symmetrical?
Please email our parent company Phantom Screens. They will be able to advise you on possible solutions or alternative products.

Can fly screens be used with casement stay or protruding window handles?
If the casement stay or window handle protrudes further than the frame when the window is open, then you may have difficulty fitting our DIY products. Please email our parent company Phantom Screens. They will be able to advise you on possible solutions or alternative products.

Are the fly screens effective against larger animals (e.g. domestic pets, foxes)?
DIY fly screens will act as a great deterrent to larger animals like cats and foxes. However, this is chiefly an insect screening product and as such we cannot guarantee their effectiveness against larger animals.

Are there any other fabrics available?
At the moment, DIY fly screens are only available with our standard insect mesh. If you are looking for a more specialist fabric, why not visit our sister site Phantom Screens.

Are there any other colours available?
DIY fly screens are currently only available in white to match the majority of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. However, if you require a bespoke colour, our sister company Phantom Screens offer a colour matching service on professionally fitted fly screens.

Can one fly screen be used to cover more than one window?
Yes. Just measure up to where you want the edges of the fly screens to start and the fly screen can be fitted over two windows simultaneously.

Is there a discount for multiple screens?
Yes. We offer great discounts for customers buying multiple screens. Take a look at our screen bundles page for details.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Once ordered, our team will get to work handcrafting your screens in our factory in Peterborough. We aim to dispatch as quickly as possible but at our busiest times, orders can take up to two weeks to dispatch.



What are We Fit screens?

We Fit screens are screens that we fit for you. They are available in different sizes to our DIY screens and are manufactured differently - to be fixed permanently to your door or window frames. You can find out more about these screens on the Phantom Screens website.

How do I order We Fit Screens?

The order process is the same as for DIY Screens, except we must visit your home to verify your measurements and survey the window or door surround accurately. This is because they are fixed permanently to your frames - integrating with them seamlessly - so the survey process is critical to ensure their smooth operation. Once you add your approximate sizes and pay for your screens, our customer service team will get in touch immediately to arrange the survey.

Do I have to have a home survey?

Yes. All our screens are bespoke and handmade to exact configurations. The survey is completely free of charge .

How big are We Fit Screens?

Our We Fit Door Screens (also called Legacy screens) will fit door openings up to 2.44m wide in a double configuration, or 1.22m wide for a single door. The maximum height is 3m, unless you have oversize doors more than 2130mm high, in which case, we suggest you contact our sales team on 0800 0369015 to discuss your options. Our We Fit window screens will fit openings up to 2m wide and 2m high.

At the moment, only white frame screens can be ordered via this website. For bespoke colours, please contact our customer service team on 0800 0963015 or email rather than ordering online.

For other questions relating to We Fit Door Screens, please see

For other questions relating to We Fit Window Screens, please see

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