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What do customers think of DIY Fly Screens?


It’s all very well for us to tell you how great we think DIY fly screens are but the proof comes directly from the mouths of our customers.

Since we started selling screens almost three years ago, we’ve had a variety of comments and reviews. We always love hearing about how DIY fly screens have helped people enjoy their homes more and we often get comments like this one from Andy R…

“We were plagued by mosquitoes and flies in our conservatory when we left the door open for ventilation. After fitting this retractable screen (it only took about 20 mins) we can now leave the door open all the time and be insect free. We also hardly notice it is there. Brilliant product, delivered promptly, easy to fit.”

…Or this one from charliebear…

“I bought this product for my bedroom as my husband likes the window open but I don’t as I always get bitten. Now I simply open the window, pull the screen across and we both are happy!”

Although we love getting great feedback like this, we’re also open to constructive criticism. We genuinely find customer comments very useful as they help us to improve our products and services.

For example, when we first started selling screens, we noticed a number of people commenting that they weren’t really sure what the adjustment dials were for. This seemed a shame because the adjustment dials allow you to control the speed of your screen and if people weren’t able to use this function, then that meant that the product might not work the way they wanted it to. In response we published a guide showing customers how to set the dials to make sure the screen retracts at the right speed for them.

There are lots of little instances like this which have really helped us improve over the past few years. In fact we’ve found customer feedback like this so useful we decided to take it a step further. So we sent our screens out to three bloggers and asked them to give them a full road test.

Our three bloggers each received a screen to try out in their own homes and then published their thoughts, both good and bad, on their blogs which you can take a look at via the links below:

This was a fantastic way to get an in depth account of what our customers experience when buying our screens and we were pleased to hear that all three bloggers liked the product. As with all customer comments we receive, the suggestions from the three bloggers were taken on board and have helped us to devise a number of new opportunities for improving our products and service moving forward.

Have you bought a DIY fly screen recently? Visit the product page and let us know what you think.

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