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How Fly Screens can Protect Your Business

Many people buy DIY Fly Screens to protect their homes against insects but they’re also ideal for business use as well. We are seeing more and more customers buying our fly screens to protect all types of commercial buildings including offices, showrooms, restaurants and hotels. Here, we take a look at how DIY fly screens can be used to benefit various [...]

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Year of the Biting Fly

It’s predicted to be one of the warmest summers yet again. Although this sounds like good news for many, particularly after the cold winter we’ve just had, the warm weather has also proved to be ideal for some members of the insect world. An article by the Telegraph reveals it’s going to be another "year of [...]

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How to get your home ready for Spring

With winter drawing to a close, now is the time to start getting your home ready for the Spring season. From the interior to the exterior, there are lot of little ways you can prepare your home to help you enjoy the warmer months once they arrive. Spring is the perfect opportunity to throw open [...]

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Why DIY fly screens are great for windows

When it comes to buying fly screens for windows, there are lots of products available on the market. But many of them are difficult to install, ineffective or else just plain ugly! Our DIY window fly screens are different. How you ask?They’re easy to fitNo need to mess around with hacksaws or drill into your window frames. All our window [...]

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Why DIY fly screens are great for doors

DIY fly screens tend to be very popular for windows but they’re also great for doors.Many people choose to use fly curtains, ribbons or beads on their doors as they allow easy access and are relatively low cost. However, these don’t form a seal with the door meaning that insects can still get through (and they’re not very pretty!) [...]

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Fly screens are perfect for balmy Autumn nights

It’s been one of the warmest driest September’s on record, which has led to an increase in creepy crawlies, particularly moths, spiders and daddy long legs, and it looks like the warm weather is set to continue into October. If you’re finding the muggy nights are disturbing your sleep but you don’t want to open the window for fear [...]

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Is my kitchen suitable for a home baking business?

One of the major concerns when bakers decide to move from making cakes and cookies for their friends and family to selling products to the general public, is whether their kitchen will meet the Environmental Health Department’s hygiene regulations. It sounds scary but the process is actually much simpler than you might expect.Before starting your business you will need to take [...]

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Cool your conservatory…

Conservatories are one of the modern world’s paradoxes – too cold to use in winter and too hot to use in summer! But fear not – DIY fly screens have a solution to help keep your conservatory cool this summer. Our retractable screens let fresh air in whilst keeping bugs out, helping to cool down your conservatory and create [...]

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Adjustment Dials

We recently received a comment from one of our customers, saying that she was a bit baffled by the adjustment dials on our DIY fly screens so we thought we should probably explain exactly what they are for and how they work.The adjustment dials can be found on either end of the retractable housing and are labelled lock adjustment [...]

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