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Why we sell fly screens

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I've been working for DIY fly screens for just over a year now and I must admit that, when I first started, it didn't seem like the most glamorous of products. My previous job had been writing for a retail magazine so I spent a lot of my time going to trade shows where I would write stories about the latest fashion trends or beautiful jewellery or lovely collections of chic homewares. 

At first glance, fly screens seemed a bit dull in comparison, but once I started learning about this product and talking to the people who had bought one, I came to really appreciate what it can do. Fly screens aren't just a way of catching bugs. The real reason that people like them so much is because, with very little effort, they can make a big difference to your home.

Adding a fly screen to a window or door lets you open up your home and let the outdoors in. You can enjoy fresh air and the smell of the outdoors without having to worry about flies getting in and landing on your food. You can sleep easier by letting a cool breeze into your bedroom on hot summer nights without worrying about biting bugs. If you are allergic to bees or wasps, you can relax in your home with the windows and doors open knowing that you're not going to have to run for cover at any minute.

So really, this product is not just about pest control. It's about enhancing your home and allowing you to enjoy it in a way that was previously marred by pesky insects. And that's why we are proud to sell DIY fly screens - because we know that we are helping people to enjoy their summer more - and there's nothing dull about that.

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