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​Insect Predictions for Summer 2015


According to the BBC, 2015 could be the hottest summer ever on record. Although this sounds like good news for many who enjoy the sun, the warmer weather is also set to bring out more insects including bed bugs and mosquitoes.

Bedbugs, which feast on blood and leave irritating bite marks, have become far more common over the last decade as the weather has become hotter. Meanwhile more mosquitoes are starting to appear during the spring and summer months.This can be especially irritating if they start coming in through open windows when you’re trying to keep your home cool. The warm temperatures make them pass through their life cycle faster, resulting in more eggs being laid and hatching.

Rising numbers of insects are not only a nuisance but can cause serious illnesses, particularly for those who are allergic to stings or bites. In most cases, those who have been bitten by a bed bug will generally have no major reaction and the bite will calm down and disappear over the course of a week to ten days. However, in some cases the person bitten will have a more serious reaction to the bite and the skin will erupt causing painful swelling. Children are often the most vulnerable to bites and in some cases can suffer a severe allergic reaction.

Though no one can change the temperature to control these insects and bugs, there are precautions you can take to help keep them at bay. DIY Fly screens for doors and windows are a simple and effective solution to control the creepy crawly population in your home. A window screen or door screen will help to prevent insects from entering your property and stop insects which could potentially breed and lay more eggs in your home.

All DIY fly screens are made-to-measure, so you don’t have to worry whether the fly screens will be too big or small to fit onto your windows. Simply stick the screen onto your existing window frame in a matter of minutes. It then acts like a roller blind to cover the opening when the window is open, letting fresh air in and keeping insects out.

Installing a fly screen will make it harder for pests like mosquitoes and bed bugs to crawl in through the open windows as the four-sided frame forms a full seal over the opening so there are no gaps where creepy crawlies can sneak through. So you can relax and enjoy fresh air in the comfort of your own home knowing that you are protected from pesky and potentially dangerous insects.

If you are considering having a fly screen fitted simply visit our product pages where you can download our simple six step measuring guides and then order your screens online. 

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