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How Fly Screens can Protect Your Business


Many people buy DIY Fly Screens to protect their homes against insects but they’re also ideal for business use as well. We are seeing more and more customers buying our fly screens to protect all types of commercial buildings including offices, showrooms, restaurants and hotels. Here, we take a look at how DIY fly screens can be used to benefit various types of business.


When it comes to screening food preparation areas against insects and other pests, restaurants need a solution that offers complete protection whilst still being functional and easy to maintain.

Insects may carry bacteria to food which can cause food poisoning to diners and, in order to comply with the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) and the Food Safety Regulations Act 1995, restaurants must employ insect prevention methods to ensure good hygiene standards.

Our DIY fly screens are ideal for restaurants as they provide fresh-air ventilation whilst keeping insects at bay. The screens can be fitted to kitchen windows and doors to protect food preparation areas or added to dining areas so customers can enjoy an alfresco dining experience without being disturbed by unwanted visitors.


In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of customers installing fly screens in their offices. High temperatures can lead to reduced employee productivity and lack of concentration as well as serious health issues, but running the air conditioning all day can prove to be costly. Fly screens are an ideal solution when it comes to regulating temperature as they provide natural ventilation and fresh air whilst protecting against flying insects. So when the warm weather finally comes, workers can enjoy the office environment and stay cool and focused.

Schools and Nurseries

Hot weather before the summer holidays is always an issue for schools and nurseries. Even short spells of hot weather can quickly raise temperatures inside school buildings which can impact concentration and may lead to dehydration. Not only do fly screens keep kids cool during the hot weather to help them concentrate better, but they also protect against bugs - particularly important if there are any children that are allergic to bee or wasp stings during the summer.

A fly screen can also help to keep food preparation or dining areas more hygienic by reducing the spread of germs carried by flying insects. Fly screens for windows and doors can help prevent insects that have been in contact with certain viruses from entering class rooms and spreading harmful bacteria, which children are more susceptible to.

Residential Homes

Fly screens are also suitable for retirement homes. The screens help residents enjoy fresh air and the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors whilst stopping insects which spread germs that may cause serious illnesses in older, more vulnerable people. Again, the installation of fly screens can also protect the elderly from being bitten or stung, which can have serious consequences if they are allergic to stings.

To see how DIY fly screens could benefit your business, order online or for more information please visit our contact page.

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