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​Weather prediction for 2016


A report by the Met Office has predicted that 2016 will be a warmer year in comparison to 2015. Temperatures could be 1.1C higher than pre-industrial levels which is set to be the warmest year on record. Man-made climate change, as well as the El Niño oceanic phenomenon - from unusually warm waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean are cited as the reasons for the hot conditions.

While many in the UK will be happy by the news, warmer temperature is the driving force behind insect development, growth and behaviour and this provides the perfect condition for a rise in creepy crawlies not normally seen in the UK. A rise in the numbers of insects are not only a nuisance but can cause serious illnesses, particularly for those who are allergic to stings or bites.

There is one place where we can escape all that however- our homes. Unfortunately for us, insects like to crawl through our open windows and doors during the warmer weather and though no one can change the temperature to control these insects and bugs, there are measures you can take to help keep them at bay. DIY fly screens or insect screens for doors and windows are a simple and effective solution to control the creepy crawly population in your home. A screen across a window or door can help keep out insects from accessing your home while still allowing in the open breeze. If you are vulnerable to bites and stings, or perhaps even have young children at home who are, then something which lets the cool air in while keeping insects out can give you peace of mind.

DIY fly screens mesh screens are able to filter out dust, dirt, leaves, and they can also double up as a practical way to keeping insects out while letting in that cool summer breeze. The 4-sided frame sticks onto your existing window and then the retractable, ultra-fine insect mesh pulls across to cover the entire opening so the window is completely sealed against insects whilst still allowing fresh air in to cool, circulate and refresh your home.

To see how DIY fly screens could benefit you, order online or for more information please visit our contact page.

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