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How to keep a conservatory cool


It is lovely when the sun comes out and temperatures rise. We fling open our doors and windows to enjoy the fresh breeze but the flies and insects that come in can be so annoying. During the hottest days, conservatories can become uncomfortable to sit in both because of heat build-up but also glare from the sun. Conservatories are now often fitted with solar glazing and solar shading to help reduce the heat build-up but often the best way to cool conservatories is to open the doors and windows.

Our range of DIY fly screens are designed to perfectly match white uPVC conservatories and can be used on the doors or windows you open most. Made to measure, they stick onto your door or window and the cassette frame forms a complete seal so there are no gaps around the edges where insects can enter. The retractable design means when not in use they can be retracted out of sight. When you want to use them, simply open your door or window, pull the mesh across or down and the screens lock into place.

The conservatory will then start to cool down through natural ventilation and the insect mesh also blocks up to 55% UV rays as well as keeping bugs and other garden debris outside. The perfect balance between outdoor living and indoor comfort.

So you get maximum insect protection whilst cooling and refreshing your entire house we offer multi-buy fly screen bundles to make it as cost-effective as possible. Save up to 25% with our multi-screen offers - click here for more details.

To see if our screens are suitable for you, follow the measuring guides and place your order online.

Reclaim your conservatory for summer and enjoy the fresh air without the annoying flies and wasps.

Phantom Screens

If you like the idea of insect screens but the white DIY fly screens aren't right for you or you have a larger opening over 2.4m wide, visit www.phantom-screens.co.uk. Our premium larger screens are ideal for bi-folding doors, allowing you to open a whole side of the conservatory directly onto the garden whilst making full use of the room. Phantom Screens are suited to most door and window types and are easy to tie in with your interior design as they can be finished in any RAL colour. Engineered to the highest standards, our Distinction manual screens and our Executive power screens can be installed in all oversized openings. The screens allow you to enjoy the view and let fresh air into your home whilst keeping unwelcome visitors and the sun's rays at bay.

​Weather prediction for 2016

A report by the Met Office has predicted that 2016 will be a warmer year in comparison to 2015. Temperatures could be 1.1C higher than pre-industrial levels which is set to be the warmest year on record. Man-made climate change, as well as the El Niño oceanic phenomenon - from unusually warm waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean [...]

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Benefits of fly screens

To circulate fresh air without spoiling your view, DIY fly screens are suited to most window and door applications. With features such as a discreet mesh and house blending uPVC frames, the fly screen won’t spoil your home styling and has many benefits to you and your home. Insect protection Summer is one of UK’s favourite seasons, but there’s always one thing [...]

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5 Tips for Good Home Hygiene

Keeping your home clean is not just about making it look nice. Thorough cleaning is also essential to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like MRSA, E coli, Campylobactor and Clostridium difficile (C. diff).Microbiologist, Professor Sally Bloomfield, suggests that: "What we do at home is hugely important. If we can prevent the spread of infections in the household through good hygiene, [...]

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Improving air quality in your home

Often overlooked, the quality of the air in your home can have a big impact on your health and well-being… Modern homes have become increasingly airtight to help maintain temperature but this means that pollutants in the air have no means of escape. This combined with the fact that people are spending more time [...]

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What do customers think of DIY Fly Screens?

It’s all very well for us to tell you how great we think DIY fly screens are but the proof comes directly from the mouths of our customers. Since we started selling screens almost three years ago, we’ve had a variety of comments and reviews. We always love hearing about how DIY fly screens have helped [...]

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Insect-free ventilation for your whole house...

DIY fly screens provide ventilation throughout your home. Our handy infographic shows you all the ways DIY fly screens can help you enjoy your home more; from letting out steam in the bathroom to protecting children against biting insects at night.A. Cookery enthusiasts - let out cooking smells and keep the kitchen fresh.B. Dry your [...]

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DIY fly screens review

Are you sick of flies? So was Erica. Read her review of DIY fly screens on her excellent blog 92three30.com.

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Fancy a giggle?

If you're in need of a bit of a chuckle this afternoon, pop over to fudgecrumpet.com and read their recent review of our screens. A bit of off-the-wall humour and a useful look at our screens from a user's perspective - enjoy!

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Get a better night’s sleep with insect screens on your windows

After a glorious April, there’s a good chance we’re in for a long hot summer. But high temperatures do have their downsides. Houses can quickly overheat and many people struggle to sleep at night when temperatures start to rise. And yet you can’t open the windows because the high temperatures also bring with them swarms of [...]

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